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Hey, you. I'm Jenna.

I am a photographer, storyteller, yoga teacher and social media specialist by trade. (It's always so strange writing about yourself, am I right or am I right?) I believe my spirit animal is an eclectic mix of Ron Swanson, Donna Meagle, and Leslie Knope. I strongly dislike kale but put a pizza in front of me and I will be the happiest girl alive. I was late to the party, but have recently started to come into my crazy crystal-lady-essential-oils-hoarding self that I feel like I was always destined to become.

Somewhere along my path, creative expression became an intrinsic part of my identity and now I am constantly seeking out opportunities to put my creativity to work. My core values, which I put into practice daily and work to build my life around, are creativity, connection, choice, passion and nature.

When I'm not working, I'm pursuing my passions of traveling the world, hiking and enjoying the great outdoors, writing, and seeking out opportunities to experience, learn and grow. I live to spend time with family and friends, read (real books, no kindle shit! I'm old school like that....) and yes, run an occasional Netflix marathon every now and then.


A bit more about me...

I have had an interest in writing since I can remember, and my passion for photography was sparked when I discovered the art of storytelling through pictures. Even in the absence of words, photographs have the extraordinary power to evoke emotion and tell stories. I am constantly in awe of the ability of photographs to capture emotion and bring us back to our most precious moments time as if we were there again, experiencing them for the first time.

I am humbled each and every day by the work I do and the rad people I have the pleasure of meeting. I am a firm believer in our personal power to cultivate joy and create lives filled with the things that we love most.


Enough about me, though. I'd love to get to know you and help you share your story! If you're picking up what I'm putting down, let's jam. I would love to make some magic and help you share your story. Feel free to give me a shout via social media or email. I can't wait to get to know you!




teaching schedule

All classes at CorePower Yoga St. Louis Park.


6:30pm C2

8:30pm yoga sculpt


5:30pm yoga sculpt


5:15pm C2


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