Damn, it feels good to be a goal crusher.

Start saving up and requesting time off work, you guys. If you haven't already heard through the grapevine...this chick is moving to Aspen!

This is a dream come true in the most literal sense possible. Since I fell in love with the mountains during my trip to Switzerland, I have legitimately had dreams about frolicking through the mountains. (I know, it's weird to picture me frolicking.)

I've had goals to move to either New Zealand or Colorado (or really any where with a nice set of mountains) and become a Key Leader at lululemon athletica for several months now, and I was offered the job today after my second interview. MEEP. So surreal. I'm still not sure if I'll wake up in the morning and this will all have been a pigment of my imagination. Only time will tell ;)

No details have been decided upon yet, but you KNOW that I'll keep you guys updated. Obviously. You'll be hearing A LOT about Aspen in the next several weeks and months, people. Prepare yourselves.