I like to do things that I'm good at. We all do, right? There's something infectious about knowing you're going to completely nail something. Crush it. Conquer it. Well, sometimes I get so caught up in sticking to things that (I think) I'm good at, that I forget to be a beginner. This is why snowboarding is good for my soul.

My first run in seven years--which took place just over a month ago--was so. much. fun. I looked ridiculous and I couldn't make it more than 20 feet without falling, but I was having a blast. Then the second time came around and I was still falling much more than my butt and knees wanted to handle. And the third. And the fourth. By this time I was pissed and I let my ego convince me that I hated snowboarding... Umm hello, it's just snowboarding. Why so serious? Disliking something because I'm not good at is just stupid--and I realize that now. I could count on both hands the number of times I've gone snowboarding and I'm already ruling it out? Come on. I mean it's one of the most unnatural things I can think of: having both legs strapped to a board and flying down the side of a MOUNTAIN on snow. I think it's OK if I haven't mastered it after less than a dozen tries.

So, I'm committing to keep on shredding the gnar gnar on the pow pow (ha ha), keeping an open mind and being a beginner more often. Bring on the newness.