new perspective

Colorado is home to many rad things, and as it turns out winter just happens to be one of them.

After spending 22 winters in Minnesota, I had pretty much written winter off forever. Minnesota winter had 22 chances to win over my heart and failed miserably. The final straw was last winter when I found myself walking across campus to classes in -20some degrees windchill because we had so many days off due to extreme cold (i.e. -50 degrees) that -20 was no longer "that cold." No thank you, mother nature. No thank you.

I thoroughly enjoy leaving my house without the fear of frostbite. It's a good, warm, fuzzy feeling. If I still owned a car, I would enjoy not fearing that the doors won't open or the car itself wouldn't start due to stupidly low temps. Today I even ventured out to Smuggler and embarked on my first winter hike--which is no biggie for anyone who's a true Aspenite--but is a huge deal for this chick from the tundra. Participating in outdoor activities during the winter besides pond hockey? It's practically unheard of.

My favorite part about winter in Colorado? The SUN. It's a crazy concept for me, since we so very rarely are blessed with the yellow round guy in the sky during winters back home. It's true what they say: It's always sunny in Colorado. Nobody has SAD here or needs a happy lamp, there's plenty of vitamin D to go around all winter. It's simply fantastic.

I guess the point of me telling you this story is two-fold, the first reason being I wanted to share my new found love of the chillier months after having such a disdain for it all of my life. It's crazy how something I've dreaded for so many years can turn into a beautiful thing--it's refreshing to get a new perspective. The second reason being a little shameless self promotion to get some visitors out here. My couch is always open, you guys! I love when people come and see me : )

namaste, bitches. xo