my first day in queenstown

Welp, I’m on my own. Bright and early yesterday AM my mom and I parted ways and said our “see you laters.”

Now, I’m in Queenstown. What’s the first thing I did once I arrived? Maybe find a map and get my bearings? I got a hair wrap with feathers. Really practical but hey, why not?

The best way I can describe Queenstown is that it’s quite like Aspen, but with a gigantic lake and affordable shopping – and I mean food, clothes, the works. I know that won’t help most of you get a feel for it, but it’s the best I’ve got for now. Here’s a picture so you can at least get a visual. Ain’t she perdy?

After the hair was taken care of, I walked around the local outdoor market for a bit and took some pictures. Hash tag tourist – but hey, this town is chock full of ‘em.

I had sammy and coffee at a great local join called Vudu and Larder– check it out if you make it over here. It’s delish – but be warned, there’s no Wi-Fi. Gasp!

Then it was back to wandering around. I’m not sure at what point I decided I needed one, but I got a phone. I’ll be honest, I’ve never purchased a phone and/or a phone plan without a parent by my side, so I’m pretty pleased with myself. Making big girl moves here, you guys. Basically now I can use as much data (ok, 1 GB, whatever that means) and not have to worry about racking up a hefty bill or desperately asking, “Wi-Fi?” everywhere I go. Everybody wins.

Then, I checked into my hostel. I’ll tell you all about it later – I’m actually quite pleased with my choice and would highly recommend it.

After napping for a bit, I decided to grab some dinner. Wanting something quick and portable so I could take it to eat at the wharf, I stopped at Pita Hut – I never managed to make it to one in the states, so I figured I’d give it a go. I met a cool dude from Chicago who works there – my first friend! #solotravelerproblems

Then, I decided to go for my first hike, because I guess I didn’t get enough action already. Oh boy. There is seriously nothing like climbing a mountain to remind you how un-physically fit you are. I was sweating b-u-c-k-e-t-s and wheezing like I smoke 2 packs a day (I don’t smoke, for the record) and I ran out of water about 18 minutes into the round-trip 2-hour hike. Yeah. But of course, it was stupidly beautiful. I met a mountain goat once I got to the clearing at the top (not quite the summit) and I named him Pete. Have y’all ever seen the YouTube videos of goats screaming? That’s what I got to listen to as I soaked in the panoramic views. Friggen’ hilarious. Anyways, I got to enjoy the sunset as I made my descent back to town - just idyllic.

I stopped at the grocery store on my way back to the hostel to grab some snacks for the next couple days, and then I decided to forgo a night out on the town and hit the hay early.

I’d say it was a pretty rad first day a. solo and b. in Queenstown. More to come soon. Stay beautiful friends.